Payroll and HR records

Payroll and HR outsourcing means that the company transfers the processes of calculating of salaries and keeping personnel records to another company.

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Payroll and HR outsourcing includes the following processes:

  • Calculation of salaries.
  • Calculation of additional payments.
  • Calculation of annual leave, sick leave payments, etc.
  • Preparation of accompanying documents for payment of salaries.
  • Informational notifications to employees about the amounts of accrued salary.
  • Preparation of reports in social funds, tax service and for other users.
  • Preparation of orders for hire / dismissal of employees.
  • Preparation of orders for internal movement, bonuses, annual leaves.
  • Registration of sick leaves.
  • Preparation of all documentation for the employment fund.
  • Registration of maternity leave.
  • Maintenance of personal files of employees.
  • Filling workbooks.


The prices for payroll and HR keering depend on the number of employees and are determined for each company separately.
To find out the cost of services, please contact us.
Estimated cost of this service if the following (depending on the number of employees):