Audit of grants and donations

There are many non-profit organizations in Ukraine, the majority of which receive funding from so-called donors. In most cases, each donor requires reporting on the proper use of funds and the amount of spend funds. In fact, this means that the organization must have documents and evidences that the grant funds have been spent on the purposes approved for it, without overspending or unscrupulous waste with a positive intermediate or final result.

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What do we actually do within the audit of grants?

  • The audit begins with the application of a non-profit organization to our company at the stage of making a decision to apply to the donor for grant or before the donor is provided with project reports on existing grant.
  • The organization receives from its donor (existing or potential) the list of requirements to be complies, where one of the items may be the condition for auditing of its financial statements. At the same time, the donor often also make certain demands on the audit company (for example, the number of employees should be not less than the specified number of employees, membership in the international network, be in the 20-30 top list of world consulting audit companies, etc.).
  • In order to start working with the audit company, a non-profit organization may provide a grant agreement to experts for analysis of the audit requirements and documents to be obtained as a result.


The prices for audit of grants and donations are determined for each request individually, based on the specifics and activities of the enterprise.
To receive the exact cost of the service, please contact our office.