Accounting for a supplier of equipment, technologies and services

Accounting practice
  • a subsidiary of a representative of the manufacturer of equipment for the food and processing industry, and other industries of the industrial process
  • refrigeration
  • about 40 employees

Average sales per year: 3 million EURO

The client contacted us with the following request. Unexpected for the management of the client, the chief accountant decided to quit and refused to transfer accounting matters and to work out the time-limit under the law for 2 weeks before dismissal. The tasks assigned to our specialists were as follows: to accept accounting and documents on the day of the chief accountant’s dismissal, to accompany the accounting and taxation processes, preparation of reporting until the management finds a new chief accountant. We quickly collected a group of specialists who were able to get acquainted with the cases and partially take matters over the main processes in client’s office. We accompanied the accounting and reporting processes for about 2 months, after that the client’s management suggested that we accept their company for accounting support.


The client’s management was satisfied with our work, we also helped in solving various legal tasks. For more than 5 years we have been successfully cooperating.

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