Accounting for IT company

Accounting practice
  • software developer
  • IT
  • more than 100 employees

Average sales per year: $ 5 million USA

A representative of an international consulting firm contacted us with the following request. One of his clients opened a subsidiary in Odessa. The subsidiary company develops and maintains software. The development strategy of the subsidiary company included hiring of more than 300 IT professionals who would become part of the backoffice and remotely accompany projects in other countries. The client’s task was to develop the optimal organizational structure of the business, which would include minimizing of the risks associated with personnel and taxes. We provided several options for the organizational structure.


Based on the information provided, the client decided to organize relations with IT specialists in the framework of contract agreements, which significantly reduced the company’s expenses and has been successfully operating to this day. For the given client we provided accounting and tax accounting services for more then three years.

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