Accounting for OCAB (association of co-owners of an apartment building)

Accounting practice
  • association of co-owners of an apartment building
  • maintenance of apartment buildings
  • 16 employees

Amount of financing per year: 7 million UAH

Representative of the newly created association of co-owners of a 5 multi-apartment buildings contucted us with the following question: whether we can organize accounting, as well as prepare settlement receipts for the tenants on the basis of which they will pay for the services of the OCAB, and answer their questions, if necessary, regarding debts, etc. A similar level of problem is solved with the help of software, which is specially designed for a big volume of information. We cooperate with a software provider that can solve similar problems. After a conversation with the management of OCAB, it was decided to buy this software and transfer the accounting and preparation of receipts for outsourcing to our company.


With this customer we have been cooperating for about one year, the tasks that he sets before us are being successfully resolved.

If you have a similar situation, write to us to resolve the issue