Refund of VAT under VAT return, prepared by the accountant with some mistakes

Tax consulting
  • the subsidiary company of the leading manufacturer of equipment for the food and processing industry
  • trade in refrigeration equipment and service
  • about 100 employees

When preparing the VAT declaration, the client’s accountant made a mistake, which subsequently led to the imposition of penalties and refusal to refund the VAT amount by more than 1 million UAH. The client manager asked us to solve this problem. We have prepared and submitted the necessary letters and explanations to the tax authorities, which subsequently did not lead a positive result for the client. The client decided to file a lawsuit in court, which we did by our lawyers. As a result, the case was won in favor of the client.


The client returned 1 mln UAH and our company signed an accounting service agreement, which is still in effect today.

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