Commercial and contract law

When creating and running a business, everyone is confronted with the commercial law that regulates business activity, and qualified legal advice very often becomes a fundamental factor for making important business decisions.

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What we do within the services in the field of corporate and contract law:

  • Consultations on licensing and certification of certain types of economic activities.
  • Consultations on foreign economic activity and currency regulation.
  • Development, analysis and drafting of internal legal acts of enterprises - regulations, orders, orders, job descriptions.
  • Development of schemes for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information.
  • Consultations on drawing up, concluding, executing and terminating of contracts, agreements.
  • Development and drafting of contracts, agreements taking into account the specific activities and requirements of the client, as well as the requirements of legislation.
  • Expertise and legal analysis of the client's current contracts for compliance with the laws and the interests of the client.
  • Consultations on the legal, tax implications of the conclusion of contracts and recommendations for further action.
  • Representation of clients' interests while concluding contracts.
  • Consultations on the possibility of invalidating contracts.
  • Settlement of issues on contracts in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.
  • Representation of clients' interests in pre-judicial and judicial instances, in state authorities.


The prices for services are determined for each request individually, based on the specifics and activities of the enterprise.
To receive the exact cost of the service, please contact our office.