Accounting for a representative office of a non-resident company

Our company will provide for your representative office a full range of accounting services, as well as financial planning services, HR records and payroll. For accounting purposes, we provide you with our platform 1C8 free of charge, modified specifically for keeping records in representative offices. We can reflect translations in the accounting system in Ukrainian, English and Russian. We can also prepare internal reporting for your parent company. Our specialists speak Ukrainian, English and Russian.

What can we do:

  • 1 Preparation of bank transactions and work with the bank on related matters;
  • 2 Payroll and taxes;
  • 3 Collection and systematization of primary documents from service providers;
  • 4 Preparetion of mandatory financial and tax reporting for state authorities of Ukraine;
  • 5 Preparation of internal corporate reporting;
  • 6 Preparation of financial budgets;
  • 7 Preparation of the necessary instructions and regulations that regulate the rules of document circulation and accounting in the Representative Office;
  • 8 Keeping of the HR records, preparing personnel orders and other related documents;
  • 9 Consulting on tax and accounting issues related to the organization of activities in Ukraine;
  • 10 Organization of transport work of cars;
  • 11 Preparation of advance reports, as well as a set of documents for business trips.

Costs for services

The cost will depend on the number of employees, the frequency of bank transactions and the number of primary documents. For a separate fee, we can assist in resolving legal issues. To order this service in our company you should contact our office or fill out the feedback form. After that our partner will contact you to discuss the details.

  • The cost of accounting for the Representative Office in Ukraine 7000 UAH/month

If you have any questions - contact us and we will try to help.
+38 (044) 492 87 16