Accounting for IT companies

You are the manager or the owner of an IT company in Ukraine and are looking for a reliable partner who would take on the decision of issues related to the organization of business accounting processes, document circulation, preparation of tax reports, organization of bank transactions, as well as support for you in legal, tax issues and would work for the purpose of your business. We are ready to become your partner.

What will we do for you in the framework of this decision:

  • 1 Development of a business model;
  • 2 Registration of a company or private entrepreneur in Ukraine, if necessary registration in other tax jurisdictions;
  • 3 Registration of private entrepreneur (employees) as participants in the performance of work or preparation of the product;
  • 4 Preparation of contracts with clients;
  • 5 Preparation of contracts with employees (private entrepreneur), including non-disclosure agreements;
  • 6 Keeping of HR records;
  • 7 Making settlements with employees (private entrepreneur) and preparing of related documents, preparing and submitting reports to the tax authorities;
  • 8 Invoicing to clients and control of accounts receivable;
  • 9 Maintenance of accounting records, preparation of tax reports, as well as support of all tax issues that may arise;
  • 10 Work with the bank, sale of currency and coordination of related issues;
  • 11 Preparation of management reports.

Costs of services

To learn about our experience of work with IT-companies, discuss with your specialist your project, please, contact our specialist.

  • Accounting for IT companies from 5000 UAH/month

If you have any questions - contact us and we will try to help.
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