Preparation of budgets and financial, tax reporting

Preparation of financial or tax reporting is a procedure aimed at collecting and summarizing of financial information about the company’s activities, within the established rules and for a certain period, in order to provide users with consolidated data for making decisions or implementing certain actions.

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We can help you in performing the following tasks:

  • 1 Preparation of financial statements according to national standards (DSPO);
  • 2 Preparation of financial statements according to international standards IFRS (IFRS-IAS);
  • 3 Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the internal corporate rules and standards of your company;
  • 4 Preparation of operational management financial statements for management;
  • 5 Preparation of tax reporting according to the rules of the tax legislation of Ukraine;
  • 6 Preparation of financial budgets;
  • 7 Development or adaptation of your company's accounting policies to the rules of Ukrainian legislation and your corporate strategy.

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