Legal representation and defense

The issues of conducting the proper claim work and litigation have always been acute for business, especially now, when our litigation system is in a constant reforming process. Very often, the appeal to the court is the only optimal means of protecting the interests of the company. However, no one is immune from unjustified claims from contractors, employees, and state bodies. And in this case, correctly and promptly planned and conducted claims and litigation is the main guarantee of success.

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What we do within the legal representation and defense:

  • Representation and protection of the interests of clients in the courts in the event of disputes:
    - civil-law disputes (property and non-property nature, hereditary, family disputes, etc.);
    - corporate disputes (disputes between participants / founders of legal entities, disputes on termination or invalidation of contracts of sale and purchase of corporate rights, disputes on invalidation of general meetings of participants / founders, etc.);
    - labor disputes (protection of the interests of the employer, disputes on the restoration of the illegally dismissed employee and recovery of average earnings for the period of forced absence, recovery of arrears in wages, compensation for moral harm in connection with violation of labor rights, etc.);
    - economic disputes (debt collection, recognition of economic contracts invalid, cancellation of contracts, bankruptcy cases, etc.);
    - tax disputes (appealing decisions, actions or inaction of tax authorities, results of tax inspections, tax notices-decisions, orders for conducting a tax audit, arrest of property, charging of penalties);
    - administrative disputes (appealing decisions, actions or inactions of state bodies and local governments).
  • Representing the client in international arbitration court.
  • Control over the implementation of decisions of the courts by the executive bodies, representation of the client's interests.
  • Preparation of all necessary procedural documents (statements, petitions, comments on the statement of claim, objections, peace agreements, appeals and cassation complaints).
  • Representation of clients' interests in courts.
  • Appeal of court decisions in the courts of appeal and cassation instance.
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes, preparation and analysis of claims, legal assistance in debt restructuring.
  • Representing the client's interests in all state supervisory and executive bodies.


The prices for services are determined for each request individually, based on the specifics and activities of the enterprise.
To receive the exact cost of the service, please contact our office.