Accounting Outsourcing Services

We will help you to find resources of your business, save money and find agreement with the Ukrainian tax authorities.

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Private entrepreneur-group 3,
5% (IT-specialists)

1600 UAN/month

Tax reporting
Payment of taxes
Ledger of accounting for income

single tax 5%

5800 UAN/month

Up to 2 employees, up to 30 doc.
Complex accounting process
Tax reporting

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We are part of your team

We don’t work for you – but we work with you. We always get deep into client’s business and are happy to help with advice, or just inspiring words. We would not bill this as additional hours for payment.

We communicate with you in understandable language

We are a company having turned to which you will be 100% comfort in communication at all levels: from our CEO to project assistant

We use innovative technologies

Using innovative technologies we have established ideal communication as inside our team and directly with our clients. You can be sure that neither of your requests will be lost and will be received for work immediately.

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For you:

Our account manager is not only chief accountant, but advisor and also just good, smart and decent person.

Our clients know for sure