Accounting for private educational organizations

Market of private educational services is one of the most dynamically developing in Ukraine. Every year more and more private educational organizations launch, what is explained by the high demand from the student parents’ side, who are not always satisfied with the educational level and approach offered by the state schools.

In our company there is a successful practice of providing accounting services for private schools. This line of business is one of high priority for us as it enables to make our own contribution to the progress of future generations.

One of the peculiarities of accounting in private schools is organization of accounting for receivables (settlements with parents or legal fiduciaries), settlements with employees and control over compliance with criteria for tax privileges.

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What we do within the framework of accounting:

  • Establishing bookkeeping and tax accounting
  • Performing accounting and preparation of the accompanying documents
  • Preparation of tax and financial statements
  • Payroll accrual
  • Managerial accounting
  • Communication with tax authorities
  • Communication with counterparts
  • Consultations on the issues of drawing documents
  • Organization of documents workflow
  • Organizing transactions with use of cash funds

Our specialists:

Price for services:

Prices for accounting services for private educational institutions are determined on an hourly basis, based on the hourly rate of work of our specialist. To find out the cost of your business, please contact us in any convenient way.