Бухгалтерські послуги для Digital-агентств

Accounting for Digital agencies

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In the modern business environment it is hard to imagine a company not being represented in the Internet. In order to attract as many as possible visitors to its resources, to enhance brand recognition and / or increase on-line sales companies turn to services of professionals – Digital agencies or agencies of internet-marketing.

Our company has successful experience of co-operation with Ukrainian Digital agencies in the issues of organization of accounting and financial records, and preparing tax statements as well.

The main task of agencies providing services of internet-marketing is development and implementation of effective marketing strategies for businesses, including conducting advertising campaigns. In the process of work the agency receives money funds from clients which then are transferred to different advertising platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ukr.net and others. This should be properly reflected in accounting documents and statements.

For Digital agencies we offer support in organization of financial records, tax payments optimization, accounting and tax assistance. We create comfortable communication with the Account manager, provide consultations for management on tax legislation issues, organization of managerial reporting, communicate with clients and suppliers on the issue of correct preparation of primary documents and contracts.


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