Бухгалтерські послуги для представництв фармацевтичних компаній

Accounting for representative offices of foreign pharmaceutical companies

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Foreign pharmaceutical companies perform their activity on the territory of Ukraine in different ways. One of the popular ones is organization of representative offices. There are two types of representative offices: with the right to and without the right to conduct business activity. This is what determines the taxation procedure and hence the specificity of accounting.

For many years our company already has been providing accounting services to representative offices of pharmaceutical companies-non-residents in Ukraine. In addition to the accounting we also offer performing managerial accounting, services of tax statements preparation, consultative support, assistance for documenting meetings and presentations.

In the process of providing accounting services we pay our attention whether the activities of the representative office may be treated as commercial activity in accordance with its legal definition what can lead to certain tax risks. One of the important components of accounting organization is accounting for assets held by the regional representatives, such as cars, laptops, fuel cards and so on.


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