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How to open a bank account in Ukraine

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Opening a bank account is one of the most common procedures in the sphere of banking and finance in Ukraine. The service of opening a bank account in Ukraine is now available for Ukrainians as well as for foreigners or non-residents. Both companies and individuals – non-residents, as well as foreign investment funds, can open a bank account in a number of banks in Ukraine.

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Ukraine?

The foreigners may need a personal bank account for several reasons, namely, when they need to buy property in Ukraine, set up their own business or in case of having overstayed in Ukraine. Non-residents may also need a personal bank account when they want to establish a foreign-currency deposit.

The type of account depends on the purpose the account is opened for. The main types of bank accounts are as follows:

  • A card account. Money operations may be performed both at the ATM and with a bank manager. The card account may be used to withdraw money, to buy property (real estate operations), for non-cash money turnover or to carry on any financial activity.
  • A current account. May be used for the same purposes as a card account, the difference is that money operations can be performed with a bank manager only.
  • A deposit account. Used to accumulate capital. Ukrainian banks offer fixed deposit rates higher than in other countries abroad. However, it is impossible to perform money operations until the contract termination.
  • An investment account. Used for operations concerned with investing in Ukraine, for instance, to buy a share of a Ukrainian company’s nominal share capital.

The bank account may be opened in the UAH or in foreign currency (US dollars, euros, UK pounds, etc.). A non-resident can open a number of bank accounts in one bank or in a number of banks in Ukraine.  It is important to keep in mind that at the ATM a foreigner may withdraw only UAH. Foreign currency may be withdrawn from the account in the banking outlet.

Opening a bank account in Ukraine does not take long if a foreigner has all necessary documents.

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How to choose the bank in Ukraine

A non-resident may open a bank account either in a state-owned bank or in a private bank. In terms of reliability, state-owned banks are preferable to choose, however, private banks may offer more favourable financial conditions, i.e. higher deposit rates, better exchange rates or more developed Internet banking services.

State-owned banks in Ukraine are:

  • Bank fees and charges depend on the type of account and operations performed. The bank has its official site with all necessary information available in English Oschadbank.
  • All the conditions and rules, as well as bank charges and fees are available in English on the official web-site of the bank Privatbank.

According to the statistics of 2020, in terms of reliability the private banking top 5 in Ukraine are as follows:

  • Ukrsibbank – all the necessary information is available in English on the official web-site Ukrsibbank.
  • Credit Agricole – all the necessary information is available in English on the official web-site Credit-agricole
  • KredoBank – all the necessary information is available on the official web-site Kredobank
  • Pravex Bank – all the necessary information is available in English on the official web-site Pravex
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval, the biggest Ukrainian bank with foreign capital – all the necessary information is available in English on the official web-site Aval.

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What documents are necessary to open a bank account in Ukraine

To open a bank account, foreigners must have the following documents:

  • Original passport of international standard. Foreigners have to stay in Ukraine legally. To confirm their stay, they should have visa in their passports or in case of visa-free entry – entry stamp. If the foreigner exceeds the period of their legal stay in Ukraine, they will not be able to open a bank account without legal support.
  • Document which contains the information about the place of a foreigner residence / stay in Ukraine. Some banks do not require any official papers, the information provided by the person – non-resident who wants to open the bank account is sufficient.
  • The document confirming the solvency of the foreigner and legal origin of funds available.
  • Translation of the passport into Ukrainian. Although it is not required by all banks, it is recommended to have it, if needed.

To open a bank account in some banks foreigners may also be asked for

  • Valid residence permit
  • Tax Payer Id. Number (TIN) – a taxpayer identification number in the State Register of Individual Taxpayers
  • Work permit.

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