Legal Services for Private Educational Institutions

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The demand for private education services in Ukraine is increasing, since public schools do not fully satisfy the day-by-day growing needs of pupils and their parents. Since the private educational services market has started functioning in Ukraine recently, some issues in this area still are not regulated by law. Therefore, educational institutions cannot do without the help of experienced lawyers to carry out their activity within the law. We are aware of the importance of high-quality education, accepting the challenges of our time, as the future of young generations of Ukrainians depends on it.

While working, we will create a legal business model, which includes the organization of contractual relationships with parents or pupils, teachers and other interested parties. Moreover, we will monitor the observance of all the license terms. Also, we will prepare lease contracts for schools that will fully protect their interests and the interests of their pupils.

Our lawyers will explore the features of a specific case to find the optimal and productive ways to solve the problem and provide legal services for protecting your interests.


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