Legal Services for Representative Offices of Non-Resident Pharmaceutical Companies

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We consider the legal support of the non-resident pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine to be our priority, with our lawyers’ extensive experience in this field.

We will help to organize contractual work properly, protect the interests of the parent company in courts, provide consulting support in matters related to the activity of Representative offices of foreign pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. Obtaining a license for medical products, collaboration with doctors for promoting drugs, collecting feedback on the effects of drugs in medical practice, collaboration with distributors for obtaining the information on sales volumes, expiration dates, participation in the inventory taking of drugs are among such issues. We register the Representative offices of non-residents as well, and prepare employment contracts with the director of Representative office, with employees, agreements with contractors.

Moreover, we provide legal services to companies from related industries: manufacturers and distributors of medical products, cosmetics and supplements; medical organizations and retailers that sell the above-mentioned goods.


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