Accounting for representative offices of non-residents

Accounting practice
  • manufacturer of medicines
  • pharmaceutics
  • 24 employees

Annual turnover: 700 thousand USD

A representative of the parent company asked us to clarify a number of issues, which, he said, he could not solve with the chief accountant of the Representative Office in Ukraine. In the process of considering the issues, we asked for access to the registration data of the office. After accessing and reviewing the issues, we came to the conclusion that the state of the accounting data is an unsatisfactory and it is not possible to answer the questions of the representative of the parent company. The parent company decided to restore the accounting data with our help and developed measures related to the prevention of such a situation in the future. One of the stages of these activities was to transfer accounting processes and reporting processes for outsourcing.


For more than 2 years we have been keeping accounting records for representative office and preparing corporate reporting and providing operational information.

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