Outstaffing of accounting staff

Accounting practice
  • representative office in Ukraine of an international company, which carries out activities in the field of supply and maintenance of telecommunication and computer equipment
  • telecommunications
  • about 200 employees

The client contacted our company with the following request. As part of the strategy to reduce operating costs and minimize personnel risks, it was decided by the parent company to transfer all accounting processes, reporting preparation for outsourcing. In the process of implementing this strategy, the client would have to fire 15 employees who performed accounting tasks. Our consultants conducted an analysis of accounting processes and concluded that dismissal of specialists and transfer of processes to outsourcing can lead to negative consequences for the client. The client already used a complex software product for the accounting of business processes and a tradition of building communications between the accounting service specialists and the staff of the mission was established. We asked the management to transfer these specialists to the staff of our company and our company will conclude a contract for the provision of accounting services. In this case, the labor costs of these employees and the costs of paying for our services did not change significantly, but the decision of the parent company was implemented. In addition, the client received a deferred payment for accounting services, which positively affected the performance of client cashflow.


After 4 years, the parent company decided to return to the previous scheme of work. As a result, the management retained valuable personnel and avoided the difficulties that usually accompany the processes of adaptation to new people.

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