USALI standards audit

Audit services
  • the international hotel chain, consisting of 451 hotels in 73 countries
  • hotel and restaurant sphere
  • more than 2000 employees

One of the companies of a large international network asked us to make USALI audit (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry).

The USALI standards are a set of recommendations for the management and evaluation of hospitality enterprises. Using the USALI system makes it possible to compare the performance of your hotel for different periods of time with the performance of other hotels. The USALI standards are based on the experience of many hotel complexes, and they were developed by experts of the hospitality industry. Precisely because USALI standards are a unified basis for conducting an adequate comparison of the results of their activities, they are used by hotels all over the world.

Earlier, the client ordered audit services from companies entering the «Big Four».

The client chose us, taking into account our experience in providing such an audit to other clients and their feedback on the quality of the services we provided.


Successfully performed audit for the Client, taking into account all the specifics and requirements.

The client was satisfied and still uses our services.

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