How to get work permit and residence permit in Ukraine

Work permit and residence permit in Ukraine

International companies (especially IT companies) often invite foreigners on positions as top managers and IT specialists. Therefore, HR specialists have to employ such employees quickly and in accordance with the laws. Generally, employers have the right to hire foreign employees on the basis of work permit.

To legalize the stay of foreigners in Ukraine the following documents must be prepared:

  1. Work permit
  2. Employment contract
  3. TAX ID (registration number of the taxpayer’s card)
  4. Temporary residence permit
  5. Registration of the place of residence

Some HR specialists receive all these docs by themselves if they have enough time and if they are sure that there will be no difficulties. In other cases (especially for the first time, or when there are many foreign employees), we offer cooperation with our company. We guarantee full support for the registration of such foreign employees and receipt of all necessary docs for their employment.

How do we cooperate with Clients

Before we start the process of receiving of docs, we discuss and agree with the Client the purpose and grounds of stay of foreigners in Ukraine, provide recommendations on the best options of employment for foreigners.

After that, we provide the list of documents, make official translations, prepare a package of documents, and receive work permit without the personal presence of a foreigner within about 10 working days.

Herewith, a personal presence of foreigner is required to obtain a tax ID and a temporary residence permit, but our lawyers always accompany a foreigner in all instances during the whole process.

Work permit is issued by the authorized territorial body of the State Employment Service at the location of the employer for a specific position and for a limited period. It is controlled by the state bodies of Ukraine. And if a foreign employee works without a work permit, i.e. illegally, state authorities can impose sanctions to the company up to 20 minimum wages for each illegal employee.

Validity of work permits

Work permit is issued for the term of the employment contract, but not more than 1 year. For IT specialists and other certain categories of foreigners WP can be issued for 3 years. For the following foreigners WP can be issued for 3 years: business trips of foreign workers, stateless persons whose salary is at least 50 minimum wages, in some cases for founders, participants, beneficiaries of legal entities established in Ukraine, foreign workers of creative professions and IT -professionals.

What documents are needed from a foreigner to start the work permit process

  • сopy of passport of a foreigner or stateless person with personal data

  • сolor photo of a foreigner or stateless person 3.5 x 4.5 cm

  • information about the position and salary of a foreigner

  • registration data of the employer company.

On the basis of a work permit we provide assistance in receiving of a temporary residence permit for a foreigner for the duration of the work permit. TRP can be also received on the basis of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for 1 year. The certificate of address registration is also issued with our full support.

In addition, we provide full support in obtaining an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit for a foreigner, as well as drawing up the relevant documents to legalize the stay of family members in Ukraine.

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