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User’s personal information is processed by the Owner in any way in order to provide User with respective services, information exchange with User and information on Owner and his services;
To User’s personal information belongs (but are not limited) the following information: first name and second name, position, infornation on place of work, contact telephone number, e-mail adress, information on orders, inquuiries, other details, comprising personal information in electronic form;
User is aware of and has understanding of his rights as personal information subject under Ukrainian Law “On protection of personal information”.

By putting mark below or sending an inquiry via internet-page www.uhy-prostor.com. User ensures and guarantees that he has respective powers and legal basis to provide information, including confidential information and commercial secret, when filling in the “Configurator of the cost of accounting services” form, and is personally responsible for dislosing confidential information to third parties;

User confirms that he fully understands and recognizes that the value of services calculated on this web-site and forwarded via electronic mail as the result of filled in by User form “Configurator of the cost of accounting services” is estimated and can be changed. For negotiation on details and approval of final value of services you should turn to ООО «Простор бухгалтерские услуги»via telephone 0444928716.